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For health and well-being, Thermal pool rules

Safety rules

Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by a chaperone 15 years or older who can swim. A maximum of 2 children may accompany each chaperone. Age is based on year of birth.

Parents or caretakers should keep a close watch on their children at all times.

Non-swimmers shall wear approved water wings or a lifejacket.
Swim rings are toys not to be used for safety measures.

Groups of children should be marked in a bright color vests.

It is not permitted to use diving equipment or flotation toys in the pool without special permission from a pool attendant. Equipment must be certified.

Flotation toys can be hazardous for young children.

All use of tobacco, alcohol or other intoxicants is forbidden within the pool complex.

Intoxicated people will be denied entry.

Diving is not permitted from the side decks and shallow ends or from any deck of the children's pool.

Rules of conduct

Everyone must wash thoroughly without a swimsuit before entering the pool. Swimsuits must be clean.

Children of primary-school age shall use the changing room intended for their sex.

Use of cameras or mobile phone cameras is strictly forbidden in the changing rooms.

Violations will be reported to the Police.

The pool complex assumes no liaility for guest's personal belongings. Use facilities provided for safekeeping valuables.

Keep shoes in lockers